Made in Italy and education, how to find a business oriented University in Italy
Made in Italy and education, how to find a business oriented University in Italy

Made in Italy and education, how to find a business oriented University in Italy

Made in Italy: Entrepreneurship & Management, a LUIC degree aimed at educating the managers of the future

The local magazine Varese Export, in an article discussing how to educate a good and competitive "export manager", reported the opinion of a professor which is worth quoting one more time. His name is Alberto Onetti, and he is a professor of Insubria University. According to him, "nowadays a graduate that is looking for a job is like an entrepreneur, because he or she has to face a market which has no more a local dimension. In some cases there are even 'born global' companies, that is businesses having a completely international horizon. Therefore it is firstly necessary to be aware of it and secondly, to be projected toward this context" in order to be successful in the global market.

While trying to understand how Italy and Italian universities have been trying to respond to these kind of pressures, the lack of both undergraduate and graduate programs thought in English becomes obvious, and scary. Further, the fact that at the end English is not enough to prepare young students to be ready to deal with the global market makes the Italian situation even more complicated, and worrisome.

It is not only a matter of skills and expertise, such as the ones of understanding and interpreting the "global macro-economic dynamics through which the internationalization of business" will have to be developed, as younger generations of workers are also requested to be "adaptable", that is to say ready to adjust to needs and habits linked to different cultures and business cultures.

In Italy, there is at least one university that is investing on that, and it is LUIC University, Università Carlo Cattaneo, an independent, state-recognised institution located in Castellanza, near Milan.

LUIC University has just launched a new degree, "Made in Italy: Entrepreneurship & Management", which will be taught in English and which is aimed at educating the managers of the future, following a series of advices and priorities collected among a selected group of Italian companies. This is indeed one of the main reasons making this course so special and appealing, as it is reasonable to forecast that this group of talented students will easily find a job as their education path has been targeted to meet companies requirements, guaranteeing them a fast access to young graduated who have spent a couple of year learning what they really consider useful and rewarding.

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