Italy welcomes a project for children’s hospitals
Italy welcomes a project for children’s hospitals

Italy welcomes a project for children’s hospitals

Introducing "Always connected to life, everywhere and cheerfully"

"Always connected to life, everywhere and cheerfully" is the name of the project promoted by the association Davide il Drago, which has been for years committed to providing assistance to sick children and their families. The association has won the call TIM#ITALIAX10 - sponsored by TIM - and is giving a monetary contribution to the initiative and the 45 tables, all of them provided with the internet connection and TIM Entertainment services, such as TIM Music, TIM Vision, TIM Games.

So far, Davide il Drago's project has already been implemented in Bari, Lecce, Florence and Genoa, where the tablets have been delivered in November. February is adding to the list St. Geraldo Hospital (Monza, Lombardy) and Salvini Hospital (Garbagnate Milanese).

The aim of Always connected to life everywhere and cheerfully is to offer a support to families and also to the hospital personnel on how to make hospitalisation more pleasant to the young patients. Tablets are also useful to carry out "School at the hospital", a project promoted by the Italian government to ensure two fundamental constitutional rights: the one to education and the accessibility of the health system. Thanks to the tablets, while kids are at the hospital, they will have the chance to stay connected to their teachers and their schoolmates. Furthermore, teachers can hold special classes on specific occasions or - in the case of more serious pathologies - even for a whole year.

Tablets are not only conceived to study but also to relax and let the young users have fun. In fact, games and entertainment are important to reduce stress and fear and sometimes they can also contribute to pain reduction.

Michele Grillo - president of the Association Davide il Drago - often stresses the psychological positive effects of their project improving the mood of the young patients, each of them provided with adequate tools according to their age and capacity.

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