Italian virtual network SuperSummit goes global
Italian virtual network SuperSummit goes global

Italian virtual network SuperSummit goes global

Marco Montemagno’s platform wins its first international challenge

After its huge success in Italy, SuperSummit has decided to go global and its international launch has been completed this week with "Presentation SuperSummit", a special gathering of international public speaking gurus.

"In an age where access to global education is limited to a privileged few and a plethora of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have risen and wrestled to address this, the SuperSummit aims to add further disruption to the online education market by empowering everyone with the opportunity to interact with free, live video interviews and learn from leading experts in their fields".

Presentation SuperSummit started last Tuesday and will finish tomorrow. This huge virtual conference has been successful in bringing together "a league of world-class experts under one roof; typifying the events we can expect from the network in the future". Each day, users have been able to engage with 2+ hours of live video chat with the experts they were interested to get in touch with.

Digital entrepreneur Marco Montemagno's platform is actually exploring a wide range of subjects related to both business and personal lives - from social media and marketing to table tennis, space and work/life balance. "Anyone with the desire to improve the quality of their lives can join the SuperSummit community, acquire new skills and knowledge direct from the experts, partake in live Q&A's and socialise with fellow learners from the across the globe. Further, if users are unable to engage with events in real-time, they also have the option to dip into the rapidly growing video archive of +300 hours at their own convenience".

Far from being a sole-content provider, the SuperSummit network also enables businesses and advertisers to host their own unique events, reap vast promotional value and together enhance the online educational landscape for the better. Partnerships will enable businesses to focus on creating superb content whilst SuperSummit takes care of all of the tech; from the event landing page to streaming, archiving, payment collection, memberships and promotional support. The SuperSummit formulae is a welcome progression from the coldness and insularity of webinars, the lack of interactivity associated with pre-recorded video courses and the isolating effects of YouTube where finding an audience is increasingly difficult.

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