Italian universities fighting youth unemployment
Italian universities fighting youth unemployment

Italian universities fighting youth unemployment

Here is how Italian universities are trying to help students to approach the labour market in a smart, flexible and (hopefully) successful way

At a time in which it is more and more difficult for Italian youngsters to find a job, following the example of several American universities, the Italian ones are also trying to help their students to approach the labour market in a smart, flexible and (hopefully) successful way.

In Rome, the Alumni Association of Luiss University has recently launched a mentoring program for graduates. This program offers a tailor-made assistance to each student, giving them the chance to regularly meet professionals, managers, human resources experts, and share knowledge and experience with them.

Luic university in Castellanza has opened a placement service to support their students when they start looking for a job. Many universities have eventually realized that career-days, although useful, are not enough to support young and inexperienced workers in the labour market. Career-days are precious to clarify students the variety of positions they can be offered and the profusion of sectors in which they can be employed, but they definitely do not offer a day-by-day support all along the tough and competitive recruitment process.

It is true that Italy, like many European Countries, is still far away from offering its university students the chance of "working for them", that is the opportunity of getting some "real" working experience before graduation. However, a few exceptions are enough to let us consider this idea as a promising one.

In Rome, Roma Tre University has launched a "legal clinic" where a group of thirty students, both graduates and undergraduates, regularly offer legal assistance to clients that need to face a lawsuit or to file a formal complaint but cannot afford a real lawyer for that. Luiss University, instead, has recently opened EnLabs, which has been advertised as an open incubator and accelerator supporting co-working. Housing 50 workstations for 20 startups, EnLabs has established itself as a pioneer in innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy, and it is open to local and foreign students interested in finding a stimulating place where to develop and shape their ideas into a successful start-up.

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