How International Schools can contribute to Expo Milan 2015
How International Schools can contribute to Expo Milan 2015

How International Schools can contribute to Expo Milan 2015

A digital storytelling contest on Expo themes has been launched

Expo Milan is approaching, and the organizers have recently launched a new project to involve young students. We are not talking about Italian schools only, as students from all over the world are welcome to take this challenge.

PoliCultura-Expo Milan 2015 is a digital storytelling contest for schools realized by the Milan Politecnico in collaboration with Expo Milano 2015. Everything started with a pilot project originally launched in 2013/2014, when 45 Italian as well as 33 international classes coming from eight different countries accepted to be involved in it. This year, many more classes seem interested in participating in the contest, not only to offer their students the opportunity to join the Expo, but also to allow them to take part in an international contest that can provide a wider understanding and involvement in non-traditional educational activities, strengthen students' technological skills as well as their attitude to work in a team.

It goes without saying that the PoliCultura-Expo Contest is totally dedicated to Expo Milan 2015 and its main theme. Among its aims there is the one of helping teachers and students to familiarize with digital storytelling introducing it as a new tool for teaching. While putting technology at the service of teaching, all these students will be reminded not have to forget that the multimedia stories they have to create need to focus on the values of the Universal Exposition, whose main theme is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

There are many ways in which the Expo motto can be explored and reinterpreted, and the organizers hope that this exercise will also help students to raise their awareness for proper nutrition, equity in the distribution of resources and respect for nature.

To help all the participants to get in touch with each other and share their stories and ideas, Timerepublik, a start-up working as a "time bank", has been asked to join the initiative, and is now working to create a comfortable virtual square where all participants can meet any time they like.

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