Excellences go digital Tour in Bologna
Excellences go digital Tour in Bologna

Excellences go digital Tour in Bologna

Italian entrepreneurs learn how to enhance their visibility on the Internet

On the 30th of May, "Eccellenze in Digitale" (Excellences go digital) Tour will commence in Bologna. The event is the first of a long series of meetings that will take place all over Italy. It starts at 10.30 in the Room of Culture (Sala della Cultura) at Palazzo Pepoli. The palace is from the thirteenth century and today it hosts the Museum of the history of Bologna city.

The national road show is organized by a partnership between Symbola, an Italian foundation fostering innovation, Google and Ca' Foscari University in Venice. Other partner institutions are Can (National Confederation of Craftsmanship and small-medium Enterprises) and Coldiretti, one of the biggest associations of Italian and European agricultural entrepreneurs.

The initiative follows from the online portal created by the partnership between Symbola and Google, dedicated to small-medium Italian enterprises. The meetings are addressed to small local entrepreneurs. The focus is on explaining how the Internet can help them develop their businesses and offer them a greater visibility. Other entrepreneurs are called to provide direct testimony of how using digital tools efficiently can help to overcome the crisis through opening up to the global market.

The speakers will also be a number of IT experts, who will explain how to successfully exploit social media, e-commerce and digital marketing. The main idea of this initiative is to contribute in fostering excellence Made in Italy abroad and providing a feasible solution for small-medium enterprises to expand their businesses abroad. "Eccellenze in Digitale" tour will stop in many cities across Italy also with the aim of creating a national online network to put the businesses in contact on a digital level.

The tour will stop in Florence, on the 19th of June. The meeting will be held in IED, one of the most famous institutes of Italian industrial design.

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