Art Hub Carrara, the first Italian incubator devoted to artistic professions
Art Hub Carrara, the first Italian incubator devoted to artistic professions

Art Hub Carrara, the first Italian incubator devoted to artistic professions

The innovative venue where arts and digital technology come together re-interpreting each other

Andrea Pugliese, an expert in job policies, has just launched the Art Hub Carraraas a unique Italian incubator for the professions related to contemporary art. Pugliese's idea was the one of connecting the manufacturer sector with the digital one as well as of mixing tradition and modernity.

Art Hub aims at fostering a coworking space in the city, specifically devoted to students, artists, cultural associations and fans of contemporary art. The 2015 Art Hub Carrara is focused on training and orientation for the key professional figures dominating the field. In particular, editors, web editors, registrars, fundraiser, social media strategists, app developers and curators are needed to organize public events such as exhibitions.

With regard to Art Hub's program, the period from July 10th to October 4th 2015 will mark the formal opening of the Hub. In addition, the Plastic Arts Centre, a convent in Carrara that has been recently converted into a museum, will host the Hub Exhibition where sculptures of artists like Giuliano Vangi, Alberto Viani, Jannis Kounellis, Lynn Chaadwick, Emiliano Perino & Luca Vele, and Angelo Mangiarotti will be re-interpreted. Furthermore, between the 8th and the 12th September there will be a Summer CAmP where the participants (such as "hubbers", students or workers) will have the chance to live in strict contact with experts of contemporary art.

Carrara was chosen as location of the Art Hub for its artistic heritage that makes it part of the world circuit. Noteworthy is that Carrara Municipality and the Luigi Pecci di Prato Centre for Contemporary Art are sponsoring the initiative. Another protagonist is BliztArt, the cultural association founded in 2011, focused on contemporary art. The association is well known for organizing exhibitions and events throughout the territory of Carrara, Massa, Pietrasanta and Prato

Finally, the English artist John Isaacs stands among the big names. He will exhibit a sculptural work of art representing human and environmental decay within a grotesque framework.

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