A museum for children in Rome
A museum for children in Rome

A museum for children in Rome

A brand new project guiding children into the Italian capital

In the hearth of Rome, in the middle of the famous Piazza del Popolo, there is now Explora, a new museum that has been created especially for children.

In what used to be a dismissed bus deposit there is now a completely renovated area where children from 3 to 12 will be allowed to discover Rome's most famous buildings in an inovative and interactive way.

This brand new project has emphasized the representation on interior sceneries, with flooring in the corridors made to look like real roads, pavements and pedestrian crossings, a traffic light, plants and greenery. False squares, fountains, post offices, television studios, supermarkets, stations, garagesm hospitals and restaurants are all accessible for visitors, offering children the chance of discovering the mysteries of every day life as well as to get an alternative perception of themselves in relation to the city.

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