Why Chinese choose Italian milk
Why Chinese choose Italian milk
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Why Chinese choose Italian milk

From Sardinia to China is the path of high-quality Italian milk

Three million and 500 thousand litres of milk from Sardinia (Italy) are imported in China every year. Both in a powder and liquid form, Italian milk is particularly appreciated for Chinese kids.

The two Italian companies protagonists of this business are 3A Latte Arborea s.Coop P.A (Oristano) and Alimenta (Macomer, Nuoro). The export to China is a great achievement for both companies. In fact, Chinese milk market is mainly dominated by German and New Zealander companies. 3A Latte Arborea was among the first Italian producers able to penetrate the Chinese milk market.

Luciano Negri - 3A Latte Arborea Commercial and Marketing Director - explained how the company reached an international profile. After they took part in the 2012 Paris Fair, their stall was literally assaulted by curious Chinese who only knew power milk. After the fair, the company started to export to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and to Macao island, where they provide milk to all schools.

Starting an export business to China was not easy, Mr Negri highlights. In fact, they had to overcome all the bureaucratic obstacles and find a local partner willing to import. But this experience gave great ambition to the Italian company, which is now looking at Singapore and Japan.

3A Latte Arborea stands out as a great virtuous example of an Italian company, which has opened a window to the world, working hard to expand its business to other contexts, offering several products. In fact, besides cow milk, the company produces sheep milk, very much appreciated by Chinese. Every year, about 250 tonnes of powder sheep milk travel from Sardinia to China, making a profit of 2 million Euros a year for the Italian company.

Chinese have chosen 3A Latte Arborea products for their great quality, respect for local traditions and environment, being very happy about their Italian choice.

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