The European Commission on Energy Security
The European Commission on Energy Security
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The European Commission on Energy Security

A new Regulation in the EU to make energy sustainable, affordable and secure

The European Commission just released a new Regulation on Energy Security. The document aims at providing guidelines for the member states of the Union fostering an adequate domestic energy supply, more and more independent from foreign partners. This goal will be achieved through a reduced energy demand and an increased European energy production, mainly through renewable sources.

Gas plays a pivotal role in European energy security.  The European Union (EU) is still very much dependent of imports and the only way to enhance its autonomy seems to foster a greater transparency in European gas market. For this reason, the Commission has suggested a shift, i.e. form a national to a regional approach to define the security matters in the supply field. Furthermore, the EU is committed to verify that the single agreements with gas-exporter countries signed by member states comply with the European regulations. Before signing any contract, the member states should take into serious consideration the Commission's opinion.

Given that the EU is the first importer of natural gas in the world, this important energy source is not equally distributed among the members of the Union. In fact, the disparities at the national level impact national economies, having a backlash on the whole communitarian economic performance. One of the priorities of the Commission is also to ensure a more equilibrate distribution of resources in order to foster a concerted economic growth.

As this Regulation points out, the Juncker Commission sees energy security and climate change as two top priorities in its agenda. One of the main aims of the EU is to supply European families and companies with a secure, sustainable and affordable energy.

To achieve this goal it is essential to start operating a transformation of the energy production sector, making it more innovative, import-independent and as a new hub of employment.

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