The best of Made in Italy food technologies on stage in Parma
The best of Made in Italy food technologies on stage in Parma
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The best of Made in Italy food technologies on stage in Parma

Cibus Tec-Food Pack ready for the big opening in Parma

By the end of October (28-31), the key players of the Food & Bev technology community will gather in Parma to attend Cibus Tec-Food Pack.

Over 1000 exhibitors coming from 30 countries, and parterre of 500 Chief Technology Officers from high potential markets (US, Russia, Eastern Europe, South America, China and India) will join an exhibition where all the best technologies in terms of selection, processing, packaging, end of line and logistics will be on display.

Thanks to Cibus Food-Tec Pack, Fiere di Parma managed to transform itself from static fair to a working hub where professionalism and technological solutions find their synthesis to serve all the agro food sectors.

Most of the technologies on stage will how the progress of Made in Italy in the food processing sector. Most of insiders will be certainly happy to get introduced to new highly automated machinery for the filata cheese processing sector, (mozzarella, scamorza, provolone) and energy recovery technology, continuous cycle dicers, high pressure homogenizers, ceramic membrane filters for more hygiene and better equipment productivity.

According to Antonio Cellie, Fiere di Parma Ceo, the food processing & packaging sector is very healthy at the moment. Indeed, it is still growing with Italy playing a leading role in boosting its development. In Italy, it generated a turnover of over 6 billion euro in 2013 only, an increase of 9.2 per cent compared to 2012 data, registering also an export growth of 9.5 per cent.

To further enrich the program, Cibus Tec - Food Pack will also offer an extensive program of workshops and seminars on several topics related to the industry. Among them, "Left over, Bio products e Food waste: New business and developing opportunities for agro-food sector"; a World Food Forum on "Global strategies for food safety"; "The smart Supply Chain: new materials for the agro-food packaging"; and there will be a "Meat Day" dedicated to sustainability in the meat sector, with workshops on cost saving, ripening time reduction and new solutions for salt and fat reduction in meat products.

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