Tailoritaly: the new way to customize your clothes
Tailoritaly: the new way to customize your clothes
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Tailoritaly: the new way to customize your clothes

An online platform where costumers can create unique pieces

Tailoritaly is the innovative online platform that allows customers to buy fashion products and customise them according to their preferences.

The final product will certainly be unique. In fact, buyers can tailor the sleeves length and shape, also the collars, pockets and colour nuances. Furthermore, a number of accessories can be matched - such as ribbons and buttons - which are visible in a preview mode on the chosen item.

Monica Calicchio and Giuseppe Giammetta, founders of Tailoritaly, defined their business as "the perfect mix between industrial production with a fresh touch of Made in Italy craftsmanship".

Each item is produced on singularly, thanks to the help of Miroglio Group, a leader in supply chain management. The company has recently launched the Miroglio Innovation Program aimed at supporting creative ideas. Before Tailoritaly, the startup TheColourSoup benefitted from Miroglio's funds, being the first web platform printing fabrics on demand. Like TheColourSoup, Tailoritaly follows the same trend of corporate entrepreneurship focusing on customers' needs and preferences.

The first Tailoritaly Autumn/Winter Collection is out and it is made up of 13 items and 2 accessories. In spite of this limited number, the possible customised combinations are 800. A wide choice of oversize items and structured fabrics make the collection functional and trendy at the same time. In addition, Tailoritaly has an everlasting style, including contemporary and evergreen looks characterised by hot colours, like ochre, tobacco and pink.

Tailoritaly was presented on October 13th in Milan at Miroglio's shop. The business, located in Piazza della Scala, is the venue where customers can experience the innovative products for two weeks. In fact, two web corners will allow the clients to try the new service of fashion customising.

Finally, Tailoritaly certainly represents the new-fangled trend common to Italians fashion lovers, who are becoming more and more attentive to their look, wanting unique pieces to be proud of.

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