San Nicola factory and its prosciutto
San Nicola factory and its prosciutto
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San Nicola factory and its prosciutto

A great example of Italian high-quality made in Italy

Italian prosciutto is known around the world for its great quality and fine taste. San Nicola is based in Coriglio (Parma), identified as one of the best Italian locations to make prosciutto, given its high-quality air. In fact, air is an essential requirement for prosciutto production since it needs a long ageing process. San Nicola factory is located at a height of 630 metres above sea level, assuring a clean, fine and pure air to its prosciutto. The surroundings are characterized by green fields, where the only noise a person can hear is produced by birds chirping and leaves falling off the trees.

San Nicola factory was established in 1981 by Luigi Notari. The name comes from the patron saint of Agne, a small town where Notari family is from. Over the decades, the factory has gone through a number of renovations and modernizations, which fostered the company expansion on the European market. Today, not only the factory exports throughout Europe but also to North America, Brazil, Japan and Australia.

The leadership of the company is today held by Notari's daughter, Daniela. As explained by the Australian magazine Italianicious, she has a strong passion for San Nicola prosciutto and was bold enough to declare "You can see how special San Nicola prosciutto is just by seeing it and tasting it". Besides Daniela, the company is also run by Fabrizio Notari (Luigi's son), Mattia Zambroni (Luigi's grandson) and Luca Baratta, San Nicola general manager.

The factory is very active. Every year it produces 100.000 prosciutto and it has a capability of holding up to 160.000 legs. San Nicola is an example of an Italian successful business plan, also expanding high-quality made in Italy in the world. Interestingly, Fabrizio Notari revealed how San Nicola projects has very humble roots. Luigi was previously involved in the building industry but he had a dream: to create something important in the area, able to provide job positions for the locals. Undoubtedly, he successfully made it.

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