Salini Impregilo: An Example of Italian Excellence
Salini Impregilo: An Example of Italian Excellence
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Salini Impregilo: An Example of Italian Excellence

Investments in sustainability and quality of life improvements are at the core of its success

Salini Impregilo is one of the most famous and prestigious Italian company, and it is also one of the major sponsor of This is Italy, Parts Unknown, the event that is about to take place in New York (October 31st-November 2nd). In line with the mail goal of This is Italy, Parts Unknown, - sponsoring Italian excellences abroad - Salini Impregilo stands out as a successful Italian company. Salini Impregilo is an industrial group active in the construction of major, complex projects having a wide international profile. The group is currently active in about 50 countries around the world, working on projects improving people's quality of life.

The Group has recently acquired Lane Industries, an American company which might give the Italian Group more visibility on the US market. Salini Impregilo CEO, Pietro Salini, has commented on the acquisition, stressing how "our mission is to improve the quality of life for people", even in countries like the US, where the life standards are already high. Mr. Salini has also pointed out their will as a company to invest in the transport industry in America.

Salini Impregilo is also very committed to sustainability and to the protection of the environment in all countries where the group operates. Salini Impregilo has a precise Sustainability Policy based on specific principles, such as sustainable growth, shared development, excellence and innovation, people protection and environmental safeguard, dialogue and transparency, and accountability.

According to the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of Sustainability, Salini Impregilo has achieved significant results in this field, showing 74% workforce locally hired, -14% work accidents and 19% increase of recycled waste materials. Salini Impregilo also stands out as one of the global leaders in the fight against climate changes. In 2016, Salini Impregilo won the CDP Climate Leadership Awards for its effective corporate strategy launched by the Group to reduce greenhouse gasses emissions and for its commitment in the renewable energy sector.

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