Re Bello, the Italian King of sustainable clothing
Re Bello, the Italian King of sustainable clothing
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Re Bello, the Italian King of sustainable clothing

The new company conquers the fashion market, making the unusual useful and trendy

Re-bello is the innovative fashion company founded in 2012 by a group of young Italians. Daniel Tocca, Daniel Sperandio and Emanuele Bacchin started the business together and in two years time 300 shops sell their products. The main input? Create something positive for the planet. The increase of world total population will act as a catalyst for new clothing materials...what better than sustainable ones? This assumption acted as a springboard for a very successful company, which has totally changed the fashion world. In fact, Re Bello uses bamboo for women dresses, eucalyptus for t-shirts and recycled wool for knits.

Furthermore, Re Bello has not conquered Italy alone but also foreign markets, such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Benelux. Apparently, the founders are quite ambitious and they are already looking at the US and Asia.

As explained by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Re Bello's sales volume has increased year after year and the forecast for the end of 2014 is 1 million Euros. The company's main aim is to continue investing on Research and Development in order to keep a unique position on the market and provide a valid alternative to traditional clothing. In fact, the fresh news for next year concerns some cypress items and nettle denim.

Moreover, Re Bello is affordable for many with its prices ranging from 29 to 200 Euros. Worth mentioning is the kind of consumers Re Bello serves. It concerns a new group of people, very sensitive to environmental issues, health but who is also very attentive to fashion. As a matter of fact, the new company breaks with the stereotype of the past regarding eco-friendly cloths as not trendy at all. The challenge the young entrepreneurs are willing to take is to associate the concept of sustainable clothing to the words "fashionable" and "chic". So far, evidences suggest that they are doing very well.

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