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Nordmeccanica inaugurates a new production plant in Italy

The Italian company is leading player in the global packaging business, with production plats running in China and the United States

The Italian company Nordmeccanica recently celebrated the opening of the new metalizing machinery production plant in Piacenza.

Nordmeccanica Group is present in the sector of coating and lamination since the 1970s, and it is today a leading player in the packaging business, with a turnover that in 2013 reached Euro 70b. The Company is a family business run by Mr. Antonio Cerciello and his two sons Vincenzo and Alfredo. Today, Nordmeccanica counts three production plants in Italy, one in the U.S. and one in China. In addition, it is present in India and Argentina with administrative offices.

Their growth over the years has been constant with a parallel expansion on the foreign markets. Up to the present, the largest share of their sales volume is Asia. In China particularly, Normeccanica holds 70% of the market in the sector of flexible packaging, which includes machineries to make soft packages for food, fragrances and detergents. Their economic growth in China started from sporadic sales in 2007. However, since they decided to open a new production plan in the People's Republic of China, they started counting on fifty full-time employees generating a sales volume of ?10 million. "We are trying to anticipate Chinese government in applying food safety norms by producing solvent-less packages" explains Mr Cerciello to Il Sole 24 Ore. The United States represent Nordmeccanica third largest market, and their sales volume is growing there by 20% per year.

The new production plant in Piacenza is employing one hundred new employees: "we train all of our mechanics and give them a chance to grow within the company. After one short-term contract, we award them with life long employment to make them feel part of the company" continues Mr Cerciello.  The new plant has already sold its first metallizing machine to an Armenian company.

On the occasion of the Grand Opening Ceremony of the new metallizing machinery production plant, Nordmeccanica also organized an "International Summit for Packaging" aimed at showing how metallization, coating, lamination can change everybody's future.

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