Mercanteinfiera relaunches photography as a contemporary art language
Mercanteinfiera relaunches photography as a contemporary art language
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Mercanteinfiera relaunches photography as a contemporary art language

The Italian fair of collectables introduces antiques and photographs as two worlds that can easily communicate

Mercanteinfiera, the prestigious international exhibition dedicated to antiques, will impress his visitors this year with a special section dedicated to photography.

From September 3 to October 8 at Fiere di Parma, Mercanteinfiera, which is expected to host 50.000 people for its 2017 edition, will upgrade its impressive collection of collectables with a fascinating galaxy of art photographs to reportage, from black and white to landscapes, all at affordable prices.

This is the result of the partnership between the exhibition centre and Fabio Castelli, founder and artistic director of MIA Photo Fair, the international Milan art exhibition that celebrates the world of photography. A collaboration that has been cultivated over the years within Mercanteinfiera with a series of collateral themed events, which gradually developed into a wider range of initiatives to meet a common wish to set up projects of great cultural significance. Castelli, art and photography collector, is also a member of the committee that annually awards the Premio Mercanteinfiera.

"Allocating a significant portion of the 45,000 square metres of exhibition space to photography", says Ilaria Dazzi, Brand Manager of Mercanteinfiera, "does not mean breaking with the tradition which has led Mercanteinfiera to gain international recognition. It means, rather, broadening our horizons by incorporating different styles and visions into the same format.  The prestigious collaboration with MIA Photo Fair is now strengthened, and besides representing a source of pride, it enhances the vocation that sees Fiere di Parma constantly pioneering new directions, with the objective of reaching an ever wider audience."

Mercanteinfiera aims to blend two apparently distant worlds, antiques and photography, establishing a dialogue between them. While antiques refer to "fashions" from times long past, drawing fully from the opulence of classic artistic languages such as painting and sculpture, photography is the ideal instrument for representing contemporary reality and expressing an unlimited amount of content.

As interest in photography is currently increasing in the market, Fiere di Parma is betting on this taste trend, transforming it into a new and innovative format.

"Habits and tastes change over time", points out Fabio Castelli, creator of MIA Photo Fair, "and today photography no longer raises concerns by novice or more expert collectors, as its demand reflects the main trends of the international art market. Purists, who prefer historical and modern photographs, have now been joined by a new kind of collector, in keeping with the times, who has a distinct preference for experimental photography (motion photography, three-dimensional photography, holograms, etc.).  Demand has literally exploded, to such an extent that in 20 years the number of photographs sold at auction has increased fivefold, in parallel to private deals, which are steadily increasing in galleries and during art trade shows. This is why we are certain that this new collaboration will lead to excellent results."

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