Ligneah, an Italian Revolutionary Invention for Leather & Fashion Market
Ligneah, an Italian Revolutionary Invention for Leather & Fashion Market
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Ligneah, an Italian Revolutionary Invention for Leather & Fashion Market

The trendy wood that perfectly replaces snakes ready to appear on the market

Could some wood replace a snake? Could the fashionable snaky pattern be replaced by something that has nothing to do with animals? The answer is yes and the glory is fully Italian!  

Ligneah is the name of the new original invention "made in Italy". Marta and Marcello Antonelli - father and daughter - are the creators of this new material based on walnut, ash and birch wood. It seems like snakeskin but it is just wood, in different layers after a long refining process.

The Antonelli family launched a startup called MyMantra and patented the material in 2012. In the beginning of December, stylish consumers will have the chance to buy Ligneah products - bags, wallets, tablet-covers and mobile-covers - in the shops not only in Italy but in the main European cities. Moreover, it will be also possible to buy on line.

At the moment, they are working on a double front, i.e. to supply other companies with Ligneah so as to work on their own production lines. MyMantra prices vary from ?100 to ?350 maximum. The Antonellis do not want to raise them; instead they would like to become popular among middle class and expand their market and buyers. Great news for next spring will be shoes and jewellery!

The creators are having a lot of success, they have been invited in many programs and TV talk shows since their business represents a rare fruitful story of made in Italy. The idea was Marta's but her father, who had just lost his job in a textile company, proved happy and well prepared to help her.

Lastly, not to be criticized, the Antonellis are involved in environmental projects, such as Tree-Nation. For each product sold, they plant a tree. They have already started with a wood in Nigeria and they will continue in Monzambique.

Ligneah's features seem to be all very promising: up-to-the-minute, chic and also eco-friendly! Moreover, its "italianess" gives it that extra oomph!

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