Italy works with European States for an integrated energy market
Italy works with European States for an integrated energy market
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Italy works with European States for an integrated energy market

Signed the agreement for a tighter commitment to strengthen energy supply within the Union

The European Union stands as a big and diverse community affected by several problems. Still, hardship does not prevent the states from working together to solve common challenges. In fact, a few days ago, some European countries signed a memorandum for an integrated energy market. In particular, the official signatories of the agreement are Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine.

It stands as the first step towards an integrated market for energy, backed by a shared normative framework aimed at assuring sustainable and affordable energy to all EU's citizens and companies.

Furthermore, the collaboration is meant to increase the infrastructural connections within the gas market as well as to remove the obstacles hindering the rise of an common and effective European energy market.

The partner-countries are mostly located in central and sud-oriental Europe, which stands as a strategic area whose access to gas needs to be improved. On this subject, Maro? ?ef?ovi?, the EU Commission vice-president and responsible for the Union for Energy, stated that the cooperation is essential to strengthen the region against supply crisis so as to offer a greater variety of energy sources.

Also Miguel Arias Cañete, the EU Commissioner for Energy and Environment, defined regional cooperation as essential, as the "linchpin of our work for a tighter integration of European energy markets". He also stressed the benefits deriving from mutual collaboration, such as tackling common problems in a more effective way.

The next goals will be the building of new gas pipes and promoting a better use of the existing ones, for instance by means of the inverse flux. In addition, a set of interventions aimed at empowering the actual infrastructures will be carried out in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Greece. At the same time, EU's regulations will monitor the behaviors among the competitors on the market to prevent any sort of abuse and mismanagement.

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