Italy invests on plant-based products
Italy invests on plant-based products
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Italy invests on plant-based products

Pesto with tofu, soya ragù and vegetable juice among the most successful creations

With a turnover of ?80 million coming from 1,600 commercialised products, around 500 recipes and 200 million units produced, the Italian company Formec Biffi confirms that revenues from food market remain significant for firms interested in innovating.

Confirming its loyalty to Formec Biffi owner and Ceo Pietro Casella's motto, "A company has no future without knowledge, but cannot live in the present time without ethics", the group has chosen to invest on plant-based products. In 2014, Formec Biffi launched three new products, pesto with tofu, soya ragù and vegetable sauce, and those were the ones that recorded the best performance throughout the year.

The success of these products confirms the success of a new eco-friendly lifestyle that is spreading all over the world. Accordingly, Formec Biffi is keen to ride the wave of the moment as this health entusiast approach is something the company embraced since it was founded. This is the reason why more OGM-free plant-based products are expected to enter the market very soon.

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