Italian job market goas green
Italian job market goas green
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Italian job market goas green

The increase of green jobs offers and current employment trends

Italy is becoming green also in its job market. In the last few years, the demand for green positions has rapidly raised and the most required profiles are the environmental engineer and the risk manager.

As highlighted by a recent study conducted by InfoJobs Observatory, 2016 has been a great year for Italian companies. In fact, they have registered a 23% increase in the publication of online vacancies, which is the highest number over the last 2 years.

Among the great variety of offers, green jobs have definitely had an outstanding performance: there has been a 93,9% increase compared to 2015.

As explained by the Italian daily newspaper La Stampa, Italian green job offer was also excellent compared to other European countries. For instance, in Spain, green jobs offers were about the half of Italian one, i.e. 15,500 vs 29,500.

In Italy, the most required profile is linked to the administration, accountancy and secretary (20,6% of total green job ads on the portal); followed by sales (20,2%). The third position is occupied by all those profiles linked to marketing and communication (17,4%), manufactory, production and quality (8,6%) and human resources (6,5%).

With regard to the areas of the Bel Paese in which green jobs are more required, the pole position is occupied by Emilia-Romagna (20,5%) followed by Lazio (12,1%), Lombardy (11,8%), Tuscany (9,6%) and Marche (9,1%).

Infojobs has also provided details on what kind of candidate these companies are looking for. He or she should be between 26 and 35 years old (required by 43,9% of companies), having a previous work experience in the field (69%), a university education in the relevant field (36,7%) sometimes accompanied by adequate post-graduate training (8,6%).

Besides the environmental engineer and the risk manager, other important positions emerged are the energy engineer (a key figure for the renewable energy sources management) and the mechatronic technician.

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