Italy embracing the "see-now-buy-now" approach to fashion
Italy embracing the "see-now-buy-now" approach to fashion
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Italy embracing the "see-now-buy-now" approach to fashion

More and more customers love to buy fashion items immediately after the show

See-now-buy-now policy is becoming quite popular among luxurious and trendy brands. As clearly reminded by the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post, this practice allows customers to buy fashion items immediately after the show, overcoming the traditional six months period devoted to shops delivery. Buyers have changed their behaviour very much and they usually want what they like without waiting.

Burberry has well understood this point and, for this reason, the company has launched this new "see-now-buy-now" policy to make them happy. Burberry's example was followed by Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren who are now offering entire see-now-buy-now collections.

This new costumers' preference is rooted in global travelling and the increase of mobile shopping, which have fostered a sense of urgency in purchasing, reducing time. Usually, see-now-buy-now customers are fashion lovers who want to have innovative items before they are fully on the market and on the big distribution.

Sceptics say that "see-now-buy-now" might damage creativity and artisanal skills, since everything becomes "instant". The immediate result is not the fruit of a creative choice, based on research and attention to the details, as it used to be when artisans were the protagonists. Nevertheless, some companies using the "see-now-buy-now" approach are using artisans.

Italy is also trying to follow this trend, although  "see-now-buy-now" policy is not that popular yet. Luxurious brands like Fendi are considering this option but they are still relying on craftsmanship at the moment. As a compromise, the company has decided to offer capsule collections available for online purchase. Also Diego della Valle - Tod's CEO - highlighted his doubts on "see-now-buy-now" approach, recognising the need to be quicker in selling items but, at the same time, stressing the need to "build the desire for the products and make the storytelling".

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