Funnell, the Italian Backpack for Restless Travellers
Funnell, the Italian Backpack for Restless Travellers
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Funnell, the Italian Backpack for Restless Travellers

Stefano Mangini’s jacket offers a new and innovative way not to be caught by surprise under the rain

If you are one of those who cannot separate from their bikes no matter what kind of weather you are going to find outside, you will definitely be interested in learning more about Stefano Mangini's latest invention: Funnell.

Funnell Sport Eject/Wear is both a backpack and a jacket that can easily keep you and your belongings dry from the rain. The jacket is stored in a waterproof compartment inside the backpack, from where it can be ejected in no more than a few seconds.

This useful accessory has a quick and easy mechanism to eject the built-in jacket, and it does not require the person who is wearing it to remove the backpack from his or her shoulder in order to take it off. Beyond that, the jacket is also able to automatically cover the backpack so that you and your belongings stay style. Stefano Mangini is Italian, and no matter how much time he is used to spend on the road with his beloved bike, he knows that style is as important as comfort, that's why his Funnell has been designed to focus on both. There are two available colours, black and red, and two different models, one for men and one for women.

Mr Mangini shared with This Is Italy that this project has been in his heart since 2011. Since then, he went through endless trials in figuring out the system, the function, the ejection, the materials and making the prototypes, but eventually he managed to solve all the problems he faced.

After studying in Florence, Stefano Mangini moved to New York to start his first job in fashion industry. He moved to Asia in 1995, and after living in Shanghai for 5 years, he decided to take a break to fulfil a dream: riding back home by motorcycle. It took him five months to ride for 25,000 km through China, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece and finally Italy. Mr Mangini wrote a book about his adventure, and it was probably there that he realized how useful something like Funnell would be for bikers. Today, while fulfilling another dream, he is actually offering something that is going to become a must for his bike mates, but also the perfect accessory for commuters everywhere in the world.

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