Expo Lodi 2015: the right blend between sustainability and effectiveness
Expo Lodi 2015: the right blend between sustainability and effectiveness
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Expo Lodi 2015: the right blend between sustainability and effectiveness

The initiatives aimed at improving Italian agricultural performances without neglecting the consumers and the territory

Agriculture would be at the centre of the project EXPO LODI 2015 and farmers would be the protagonists.

Italian Minister Maurizio Martina - Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies - declared through a video message that the planned initiatives of the project would give a remarkable contribution to the re-evaluation of Italian agriculture.

Two fields are to be improved, the Minister argued. The first one is quality and organization in order to make Italian DOC and DOP items (worldwide famous) better placed and sold in international markets. Secondly, the fight against food counterfeiting to protect the uniqueness and fame of Italian products around the globe.

The project Lodi2015 - Living Expo aims at showing the most innovative techniques for a sustainable agriculture, mixing the scientific research with the rural, artistic, enogastronomic and environmental reality of Lodi.

The Padan Technologic Park of Lodi stands as a great protagonist of sustainable agriculture. It is a European agro biotechnological research centre where visitors will have the chance to admire a Vegetable Cathedral and over 200 cultural, naturalistic and touristic itineraries.

Five are main initiatives sponsored by the project. Agriculture of Tomorrow promotes a rational usage of resources for specific crops, such as soy, corn and tomatoes. The Vegetable Cathedral, made up 100 wooden columns among which an oak tree would be planted and over the years it will give the sense of a gothic cathedral. Meant to be an aggregation hub, the venue will host concerts and other cultural initiatives. 200 Meetings with Arts, Fields and Woods that will give the chance to the visitors to undertake many activities, such as to go trekking, cycling and to explore South Adda Natural Park. It will also be possible to have a tour in the city centre. The Art of Cheese will offer the participants the possibility to make their own cheese to bring home and finally a dedicated website will inform on any event taking place in Lodi territory.

To conclude, it is not all about crops, instead it seems the right blend between sustainability, people and future.

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