Dream Cradle: the new vanguard to put babies to bed
Dream Cradle: the new vanguard to put babies to bed
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Dream Cradle: the new vanguard to put babies to bed

A fruitful collaboration between Renault and Chicco

Dream Cradle is the new amazing help for parents striving with sleepless babies. A lot of parents face the challenge of putting their babies to bed and, sometimes, it can turn into a mission impossible. A lot of parents in Italy adopt the strategy to put their baby asleep in the car, whose movement usually works as a great lullaby. Nevertheless, this experience can generate great frustration once the baby wakes up right in front the house when the car stops.

In order to prevent this irritating situations, the famous car industry Renault, in partnership with the Italian popular baby brand Chicco, have conceived the Dream Cradle. Unlike any other cradle, the Dream one is able to emulate the movements of the car. By putting the baby into this innovative invention, parents will get the same outcome of putting their babies asleep in the car but without actually going out. The movement of the cradle can be activated via app to be downloaded on a portable device. Through this tool, parents would be able to choose the intensity of the movement, the direction and also the inclination of the baby.

As declared by Francesco Fontana Giusti - Director of Communication and Image at Renault - the Dream Cradle wants to be a tool devoted to help parents with babies, facilitating their life so that they can fully embrace the concept of "Easy Life" towards which Renault is strongly committed. This concept is based on technology innovation that make life of their users easy. In particular, the Dream Cradle represents Chicco and Renault joint will to create an assisting device for families being reliable, innovative and practical.

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