D&G’s Haute Couture fascinates Asian Clients
D&G’s Haute Couture fascinates Asian Clients
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D&G’s Haute Couture fascinates Asian Clients

The experience of Jonathan Cheung

Those who think that fashion is a "thing for women" are terribly wrong. Fashion and haute couture are involving more men from around world, especially when it is about fine clothing Made in Italy. A famous example is the popular Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana, which is conquering fans everywhere, even in Asia, with its "dandy" look.

Among D&G affectionate customers we findJonathan Cheung, the ultra-wealthy actor from Hong Kong with a very attentive eye for his look. As described by the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post, Mr Cheung attended in Milan the exclusive Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda and Alta Sartoria fashion shows in July, exalting their creativity and style. In fact, Mr Cheung pointed out how D&G makes unique pieces in its collection, tailoring the clothing on the customer, "to ensure that you're the only one with that [exact] look".

The artisan ways of D&G are also highlighted by the fact that you can ask them to put your name on the piece or a special figure, like your "favourite Pokemon". Interestingly, Jonathan Cheung started wearing D&G when he was attending his 3rd year in high school, but then he stopped 3 years ago. What captured his attention and revived his love for Dolce and Gabbana was a deep-green three-piece suit he bought in the label's Bond Street store in London. Now, Cheung is daring more buying a set of silk pyjamas, with printed boats shapes and the name "Happy Days" which is his father's boat.

Enthusiastically, Cheung argued that D&G's Alta Sartoria is "the only one offering haute couture to men". Furthermore, the client-focused activity of the brand allows the customer to feel part of a big family, conversely to other big names.  Finally, as highlighted by Cheung's experience, D&G is able to satisfy every customer fanciful expectation, creating something unique that marks the person.

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