Cimbali: the Italian coffee giant famous all over the world
Cimbali: the Italian coffee giant famous all over the world
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Cimbali: the Italian coffee giant famous all over the world

A family own business based on good quality and innovation

Cimbali is one of the most successful Italian companies, counting 660 employees and invoicing 159 million Euros per year. In 2012, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the business, the management has founded the company's museum, rich of information and the history of the company and its passion for coffee.

In fact, Cimbali is not only a big name in Italy, but it became famous around the world for its coffee machines. They were exported in the 25% of international cafés, given that one out of four has a Cimbali Coffee Machine.

Still a family-based business, Cimbali has now come to its fourth generation. As stated by Maurizio Cimbali during an interview with the Italian daily La Stampa, "we strongly believe in the importance of having a strong relationship with the client, of listening to his needs and of giving the priority to good quality".

For Cimbali, export represents a core field. In fact, 80% of their invoice is made up by exports. The countries were the Italian company is very strong are the United Kingdom, South East Asia (especially South Korea and China) and the United States. Furthermore, they have 7 branches abroad where 35% of Cimbali's employees work.

Nevertheless, they are still a big name in their homeland since Cimbali is one of the few companies that produces and at the same time installs machines and provide assistance.

Cimbali's productive process is 100% Made in Italy. The company has three productive sites - closed to Milan, Bergamo and Cremona - where more than 200 machines are produced everyday.

The vitality of the Italian company is also highlighted by its innovation ability. In fact, they invest 6.6% of their invoice in Research and Development, registering 12 patents in the last three years. One of the most significant innovation concerns the coffee machines connected via Wi-Fi. It is able to transmit all the information of the services and consumption, which can be accessed through the ad hoc App Plat.One.

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