, the successfull Italian e-distributor is now a producer, the successfull Italian e-distributor is now a producer
Business News, the successfull Italian e-distributor is now a producer

Chairman Angelo Muratore explains the reasons behind this transformation and the future perspectives stands out as one successful Italian story. It is a small company with twenty employees active in e-commerce. In particular, it sells luxury clothing and accessorizes at a modest price.

Interestingly, the company recently flipped towards a new direction. Whereas in the past it was just a distributor, it became today a producer of its own brands. In fact, Ana Lubin and Made in Italia are Brandsdistribution's collection.

Angelo Muratore, Chairman, has explained the reasons underlying this evolution. In the first place, he highlighted the need for a e-commerce business to be always up-to-date with the market inputs as well as to be ready to make radical changes. In their specific case, the clients' demand was growing up fast and their goods in stock were not able to satisfy it. This is why the leadership decided to create a "lab" to develop exclusive brands and increase their offer. Furthermore, invested in high-quality products since they acknowledge the fact that shop-owners are more prone to buy when items are cheaper, given the absence of intermediaries and agents.

Additionally, the idea of launching an autonomous production offers superior profits, worthy regardless the greater amount of resources (in terms of time and ideas) to create them. This significant change, as stressed by Mr. Muratore, produced an inner re-organization of the company, which has benefited of a greater knowhow brought in by the new experienced buyers. The flexibility of the company and the small dimensions have certainly fostered a rapid adjustment.

For the future, Chairman imagines a new expansion abroad. In particular, he envisages more exports to developing countries rather than to other Western ones. The company has already headquarters in the US, but a milestone would be to grow in countries like Nigeria or Iran where it is present. Considering its determination to expand and innovate, it would not be too much to expect fresh news shortly.

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