An Italian Start-up to promote pizza in London
An Italian Start-up to promote pizza in London
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An Italian Start-up to promote pizza in London

London Business School entrepreneurs set crowdfunding record

The London Business School alumnus Corrado Accardi has just set a new record for the largest amount of crowdfunded equity raised for a start-up.

More that 120 investors have granted him £440,000 in 17 days to open the production centre and the two pizzerias with which he want to launch his new Pizza business under the "Pizza Rossa" label, making this Italian fast-food start-up the winner of the "Best Start-up of the Year" Crowdcube Award.

Mr Accardi commented this impressive result stressing that "our success with crowdfunding brought seed cash essential to deliver our business model. At the same time, we obtained superb visibility with landlords, large B2B customers and potential franchisees. We are now looking for a production facility and for the site for our first shop in the City of London, opening in Spring 2014".

If the deadline is Spring 2014, Mr. Accardi shuold really hurry up to find the right place where to launch his Pizza Rossa and introduce it as one of the best pizzas in the United Kingdom, a delicious and healthy meal to share with family and friends.

"This business started as the brain-child of Corrado Accardi, an engineer from Sardinia with a passion for great quality food and pizza in particular. The original idea has then been shaped with the help of friends and colleagues at the London Business School, where Corrado has attended an Executive MBA. The concept of Pizza Rossa was developed with the aim to create a new chain of premium quality Italian-style takeaway pizzerias by-the-slice in London".

In particular, this new company is aimed at offering to its customers "a conveniently available, quick serving, delicious product, easy to eat on the go and served by smiling staff", without forgetting the importance of value for money, that is maintaining slices' prices among £3.00 and £4.00.

Mr. Accardi's London Business School background is among the reasons of his success. Indeed, in May 2013 Pizza Rossa was the winner of this year's London Business School Business Plan Competition and a few months later came second in the European Business Plan of the Year final. At the moment, Pizza Rossa lists among the recipients of the London Business School's Incubator programme for high potential start up.

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